TODAY – Today we celebrate the baptism of Christ. Luke is
writing his gospel for Christians, those who have been baptized. He is saying
your baptism means the same as Jesus' baptism. You are God's daughter, or God's
son, with you God is well pleased. In your baptism your relationship to God was
affirmed and then sealed. You are a child of God. That is one of the most
radical dimensions of Jesus' preaching. He preached that you and I can have the
same personal, intimate relationship with God that he had as the Son of God. May God awaken the desire in each one of us this year to grow in our
relationship with Jesus.

will be an opportunity to come forward to the Altar for anointing for your
continued ministry as a baptised member of Christ’s body. We are trying out the
new suggested Eucharistic prayer for Epiphany so some of the words may be
different but the responses are the same.

YOUTH GROUP meets TONIGHT at 6.00pm in the Church House
for our New Year Party.



The Vestry will meet
after the Service NEXT Sunday 20th
January 2019. If you have anything for the Agenda please give it to Vina.




13th January 2019

Readings    Maia

Prayers      Cate

Chalice       Liz

20th January

Readings     Fiona

Prayers       Roxanne

Chalice       Gordon


As usual folks please take your Rota and if you are unable to do any duty PLEASE change with someone on the Rota.
The Liturgy is the work of the people and we are tremendously grateful to those
who do lead our Readings and our Prayers as they are an important part of our
worship together.



There will be an evening service for the Week of prayer for Christian Unity on Sunday 27th January at 6.00pm.
Venue still to be decided. Please put this in your diary and plan to be there.
It is important to worship and pray with our brothers and sisters in St. Pius
and Douglas/Mid-Craigie Churches.



Please use the Prayer
Book on the table if there are people you want to ask prayer for. Individual
prayer is important but corporate prayer for people and situations is also very



are asked for one of our Girls’ Brigade leaders in the West who has had a very
serious illness. Her mum Dorothy writes: “The power of prayer is indeed
wonderful and I am pleased to advise that after a challenging period Gillian
has now been transferred to HDU where she still has a long journey ahead but
the signs are optimistic.  Please continue to pray for Gillian and her
family so that we may continue to see an improvement in the days and weeks
ahead.” We continue to pray for Sheila, Craig Steven with heart problems, Warwick
facing chemo and radiotherapy, Ann recovering from hip operation, Nicola and
Amy moving house on Monday, Sian and Calum who get married on Saturday, Fred
and Caroline, Jim Butler and all those suffering from winter bugs.





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