Sunday 18th November - 11.00am - Girl's Brigade Dedication Service

Diocesan Evensong - St. Paul's Cathedral 6.15pm - Thanksgiving and Memorial for Rt. Rev. Neville Chamberlain - Bishop (1997 - 2005)

Sunday 25th November - 11.00 - Worship and AGM

St. Ninian’s Events December 2018



The Brigaders are doing
the Reverse Advent Calendar again for the Foodbank.

Primary classes want to
come up to church during Advent to learn about Advent. Lasting 1 hour this will be workshops with refreshments. Times TBA.



12th December – Girl’s Brigade Christmas Party – 6.30 – 7.30pm and 7.30 – 9.00pm

14th December – P 6 from Rowantree Primary School @ St. Ninian’s - Fundraiser for
Toilet twinning with short service at 4.00pm for lighting of Christmas Tree

(They would make some
gifts to sell, do the publicity and invite other schools and parents and
friends as well as church folk)

16th December – 6.00pm – Carol and Christingle with lighting of community Christmas
Tree followed by Hot Chocolate

17th December - Stay and Play - short act of worship - 10.30am

17th December - Stay and Play Party – 11.00 – 2.00pm

Tuesday 18th December – 9.30am - Rowantree PS

(The school service
will be in school this year because of the growing numbers.)

23rd December -11.00am - all-age service for Christmas

24th December - Christmas Eve - 8.00pm service with refreshments afterwards.

30th Dec - 11.00am – Family Eucharist

6th January 2019 – 11.00am - Epiphany


Obituary: The Right Reverend Neville Chamberlain, Bishop of Brechin 

Bishop Neville Chamberlain died on Monday 8th October 2018, after some time of illness.  Bishop Neville was elected Bishop of Brechin in 1997, when he was serving as the  Rector of St John’s, Princes Street, Edinburgh. 
Bishop Neville was married to Diana, who died some years ago and they had four children.  He studied for a BA at  Nottingham University, then trained for the ministry at Ripon Hall, Oxford.  He served three periods of curacy in the  Diocese of Birmingham, the third being in the ecumenical context of St Michael’s Gospel Lane. He then became the  Vicar at St Michael’s for three years, from 1969 to 1972.   He then spent three years outwith the ministry, working as a probation officer.  He returned to the church, serving as Executive Secretary of the Social Responsibility Committee of the Diocese of Lincoln and also became a canon of the cathedral.  In 1982 he was appointed the Rector of St John’s, Princes Street, in Edinburgh, where he served for 15 years. This ministry was a rich and full time, with occasional controversy with, for example, the famous temporary murals  painted outside the church with comments on political and social issues of the day. 
His ministry as Bishop was overshadowed by an extended and very public period of conflict between him and his Provost, the Very Rev Miriam Byrne.  The press  coverage of this difficulty was hard for Bishop Neville, the cathedral congregation and all in the Diocese and the need for reconciliation of the conflict by Archbishop Desmond Tutu shows quite how severe the breakdown in relationship became. 
His time in Brechin is remembered for his positive energy and enthusiasm for the Diocese and its people. He continued to have a focus on social justice and ensured that the SEC in Dundee carried on its work in Urban Priority Areas: his theology was one that had to have a practical outworking in the wider world. He developed  Diocesan training in Faith and Mission, appointing a Diocesan Adviser in Ministry and starting regular clergy training and support meetings, which continue to this day.  He also supported the diocesan companionship links with visit to Iowa and  fundraising and visits to Swaziland. 
 Bishop Neville retired in 2005 after his sixty-fifth birthday and retired initially to  Edinburgh.  In due course he became the Master of Hugh Sexey’s Hospital in Bruton, Dorset. 


How important prayer is in your life?

The Vestry decided at its last meeting that we should restart a regular prayer time once a month.

THIS TUESDAY 4th December at 6.00pm for a simple shared meal
together leading on to a time of prayer and reflection together in the Church
House. All are welcome. 


"We are a Christian community living in the love of God, serving with the love of God, sharing the love of God among ourselves and all whom we meet."

St Ninian's For Excellence

We seek to be:  

Ø      Confident Christians – know who we are

Ø      Successful learners – training and development

Ø      Responsible citizens – justice, peace and creation

Ø      Effective disciples – living the gospel in the world







St Ninian's For Excellence

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